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Green Star Seed Orgone Pendant

Green Star Seed Pendant


Metatron EMF Tensor Orgonite Pendant

Metatron EMF Tensor


Star of David EMF Protection Orgone Pendant



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Aura Tensor EMF Orgonite Bracelet

Aura Tensor EMFBracelet


Ishtar Rainbow Orgone Pendant

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Let's balance, heal and protect you !

If you've never heard of orgonite before, don't worry, you're not alone. Despite its ancient origins, we're only just starting to fully understand its potentially unique qualities.

We love our range of orgonite products - not only because of their possible health benefits, but because they just look so good!

Orgonite is formed from a mix of resin, metals and quartz and, to get just a little bit technical, those quartz crystals contain piezoelectricity.

Combine that further with elements from nature, healing chrystals and powerfull essential oils and you understand why these products are so powerful! 







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Dandelion Orgone Pendant

Dandelion Pendant


Blue Flower of Life Orgone Pendant

Blue Flower Of Life


Tree of Life EMF Protector

Tree EMF Protector


Golden Triangle Galaxy Orgone Ball Pendant

Golden Triangle Galaxy


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Tree of Life Orgone Pendant
Yin Yang Orgonite Pendant
Blue Flower of Life Orgonite Pendant
Cho Ku Rei Orgonite Pendant
Metatron EMF Tensor Orgonite Pendant
Golden Power Orgone Pendant
Ishtar Rainbow Orgone Pendant
Green Star Seed Orgone Pendant
Dark Galaxy Orgone Pendant
Light Galaxy Orgone Pendant
Blue Sky Orgone Pendant
Purple Flame Ball Pendant
Layered Golden Triangle Ball Orgone Pendant
Pinecone Ball Orgone Pendant
Jasper Pyramid Orgone Pendant
Tiger's Eye Pyramid Orgone Pendant
Golden Triangle Orgone Pendant
Love Galaxy Orgone Pendant
Golden Love Orgone Pendant
Pink Love Orgone Pendant
Star of David Orgone EMF Pendant
Flower of Life EMF Orgone Pendant
Felimoa Dragon EMF Orgone Pendant
Dandelion Orgone Pendant
Black Spiral EMF Orgonite Bracelet
Yellow Sea Shell Orgone Bracelet
Aura Shungite EMF Tensor Bracelet
Starry Sky Orgone Bracelet
Lotus Buddha EMF Protector
Cho Ku Rei EMF Protector
Metatron EMF Protector
Yin Yang EMF Protector

about us

Your happiness
is our main goal

My name is Barbera and with my juwelry I combine my love for nature, gemstones, essential oils and the healing power of Orgone and/or Orgonite into beautiful pendants, bracelets and EMF devices. I love helping people anyway I can and I love creating and being creative and with these creations I do both. I hope you love them as much as I love making them :)

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